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Gene Waddell,
Business Owner (Retired),
Charter H.S. Board Chair

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Jackie Rosario is absolutely needed on our school board. The board majority has bought into the "woke" movement and needs someone to wake them up. Jackie is the one. Jackie is one of us with traditional values. She desires to concentrate on learning the basics, not letting our children be used for political indoctrination. Please help her help our kids.

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Jackie Rosario is the leader Indian River County needs on the school board. Jackie is a strong conservative endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. She isn’t afraid of speaking out against woke ideology of students in public schools. Jackie is a firm believer of protecting parental rights. She stood up against the mask mandates, was bold enough to address the sexual content in school media centers, and is not in favor of critical race theory.  I proudly endorse Jackie Rosario for School Board in Indian River County. 

Susan Mehiel,
Community Activist
Education Action Alliance

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Jackie Rosario brings the right blend of practical education experience, school board knowledge and parenting to her work on the Indian River County School Board.  She is a dedicated, concerned member of the board with a passion for making sure our schools offer the best education possible to every student.  She listens to parent and resident concerns and has the courage to push for change when necessary.  The status quo isn’t good enough for Jackie; she works to improve and support the efforts of our schools in preparing students to become successful members of our community.


I’m glad I supported Jackie when she first ran for the school board, and I continue to give her my wholehearted support today.

Parent & Community Endorsements

Bridget Ziegler,
Sarasota County
School Board Member

William G., 
Mom and Teacher

Jackie, you have me and my wife's support 100%! You are the lone voice in a sea of darkness, stick with God and he will guide you to where you need to be. May he bless you and keep you strong!

Angela S.M.,
Community Member

Thank you for standing up for all the children and for doing your best to protect their innocence. It is sad that you are the only one that seems to care. God bless.

Arlene Z., 

Amber B., 
Mom and Teacher

Our kids deserve the best & it’s clear as day that it’s you!!!

You are working for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for all you're doing to guide our child in school.


You have worked so hard in protecting IRC kids, and parents, and more recently in your incumbency campaign. I know you will continue to fight for all the children in IRC. I am so pleased, and even honored to support you, especially with my vote. 

Summer Maldonado,

Jacqueline Rosario is running for Indian River School Board! She is a personal friend, follower of Christ and supports parents and students! Please take a moment to watch the video below to hear more about what she stands for and believes in!

Paul Wescott,


Jackie has worked hard for our families and teachers. She doesn't back down and allow culture wars to be fought in our classrooms.

Jan Mooney,
Community Member Volunteer

I approve of Jackie's constant conservative roll especially in how she votes. I endorse Jackie for the sake of the current students and future generations. My future great grand children included. I like the way she researches policies handed down from the DOE, and presents them to the board for consideration. Some of these policies are not so good and do not line up with the majority of IRC's taxpayers. Jackie also votes consistently for transparency regarding the IRC's school budget.

Joe Maldonado,
Regional Director
First Priority South Florida

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Jackie is a woman of faith, a proud mom of a 14 year old son, a lifelong educator, and one of the current school board members working hard to deliver results for all students in the School District of Indian River County. She is making a real difference in our county, keeping Godly principals at the heart of every decision.

Lamarre Notargiacomo,
Vice Chairwoman of the Republican Executive Committee, Indian River County


Jacqueline Rosario is the right choice for Indian River County School Board! She stands up for school choice, school safety, childrens’ rights and parents rights - and she was endorsed by our great governor Ron DeSantis! We need more like Jacqueline Rosario watching over our children. Vote Jackie Rosario on November 8, 2022.

Jay & Alla Kramer,
Jay Kramer, Chairman Indian River REC

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We support Jackie Rosario for school board, because she is an advocate for parental rights and school choice. She is the only conservative candidate who stood by our Governor and voted against mask mandates for children. The only one who voted NOT  to put pornographic books back on the shelves of the school libraries. Jackie's priorities are children and she believes in education not indoctrination.

Karen Hiltz,
Former School Board Member
Education Policy Advisor

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I endorse Jackie Rosario for IRC School Board. She is a truth teller, supports parental rights, and seeks to ensure quality education for all children. Being a school board member isn't a popularity contest, it's about following the rule of law, making decisions, and voting based on integrity, logic, and principles. I ask you to vote for Jackie Rosario on Nov 6.

Jennifer Pippin,
Chairman for Moms for Liberty,
Indian River County

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Jackie Rosario is the best choice for District 2 School Board seat because she puts her heart and soul into being a board member. She's usually the only conservative on the board that opposes the illegal actions and not best by all children choices even if she's the only one to do the right thing. The community has spoken when she almost won the four way race in the primaries! She's the only DeSantis endorsement in the county along with so many other grassroots and political organizations. There isn't even a shadow of a doubt that she's the best choice to serve the community and children for the next four years. Thank you Jackie for all that you do and look forward to working with you for another four years! 

Kathleen & Brian Torres,
Proud parents 
Business owners


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It’s quite simple. You are  “For the kids!” No personal agenda! You have a vested interest in every kid and the age appropriate education they deserve without all the politics and nonsense. You are loyal and can back any statement you make with facts! You have proven your dedication as an awesome school board member and will continue to do so. You Rock!! 

Ann D.,

I'm so proud of the work you are doing.

Thank you for all that you continue to do for our children.

Leighanne C.,

Lynn Shepard and
The Shepard Family

Father, Husband,
Business Owner


Jackie Rosario is fighting the war for our kids' minds on the front lines, and Vero needs more Liberty minded School Board Members. Jackie has proven she is not afraid to be outnumbered 4-1 on the school board and stand alone for conservative values, challenge the political establishment when necessary and withstand the shameful local media. She supports the parental rights movement and our kids' education.

Steve and Janice Milesic,
Business Owners,
Parents to 4 grown children who attended schools in IRC


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We endorse Jackie Rosario for school board because we have known her and her family for many years. Jackie has strong work ethics, she fights for what is right in our schools, and she loves our community.

Betsy DiBenedetto


We need to have a strong person like Jackie on the school board who stands up for parents rights and kid's education not indoctrination.

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